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Difuze is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace

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At difuze, we are aware that our strengths are deployed thanks to our employees and we have made integrity one of our core values. However, we are aware that sometimes to make a difference, it is necessary to implement concrete actions within an organization and thus publicly reaffirm some of its values. Many societal struggles have surfaced in recent months, and we asked ourselves the question “how can we witness all this news without asking ourselves what role we should play in the face of this situation?”

In response, a Diversity and Inclusion Committee was created in March 2021. Its mission, beyond ensuring that no discrimination is committed within difuze, is to highlight certain practices that could be improved and to promote through certain actions a welcoming and inclusive environment for all.

The 8 members of the committee will ensure that at all levels of the company, each individual is constantly respected and never left out because of a visible or non-visible element of their identity. On a larger scale, the Committee will also be able to play a role in the audiovisual and media industry and help to improve certain shortcomings.

Kristy Elizabeth, a quality control employee involved with the committee, provides her perspective on this new entity:

How does the creation of this committee impact your vision for difuze?

As a visible minority, it is important to me to be part of a company that is aware that there are issues with certain internal practices but is willing to take the necessary actions to improve and rectify this permanently.

Why did you want to be part of the committee?

I wanted to make sure that policies and actions were in place and that discussions were held so that no one was excluded at difuze. Also, I have seen in my work environment that the cinema industry still needs to make progress on certain aspects of inclusion and diversity.

What do you think is the biggest role of the committee?

The role of this committee is to represent all employees. This way we can make a difference in everyone’s day-to-day life by answering any questions. Our committee also wants to be an intermediary that can transmit the suggestions of the employees to the management, which did not exist before.

The film and media industry puts forward different profiles, have you observed a progress of diversity in our professional sphere, how could we change things on a larger scale?

At my level, I have seen some encouraging changes, but the industry could move forward in the hiring process in a more inclusive and diverse way both in front of and behind the camera. We can make a difference by encouraging collaboration with organizations representing visible minorities and all age groups, etc. By promoting access to education and access to our industry for all profiles, we could play on a greater equality of opportunity in all spheres of our societies.

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