Distribution Services

Today content travels more than ever! With the multiplication of distribution platforms, language versions, and technical formats, delivering your content is becoming increasingly complex. Let our experts and our state-of-the-art technology help you with your international deliveries!

We help their content go places!

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Boat Rocker Media
Entertainment One
Versioning Services

Versioning Services

Quality versioning for demanding audiences.

We specialize in French (Canada, France, International) and English (Canada, United States). We can also manage your multi-language needs through a wide network of trusted in-territory partners.

Find out our new remote recording tool, allowing you to face any unexpected event!

Subtitling & Access Services

Subtitling & Access Services

From open to closed captioning, or audio description, we’ve got it all covered to help you meet industry requirements and reach you target audience.

difuze has also created difuzevox , a fully automated platform to allow you to use a synthesized voice for your time and budget management needs.

Our neural voice solution will enable your audiovisual content to reach blind and visually impaired audiences in compliance with industry standards. Curated by our experts in sound and phonetics, difuzevox creates a natural sounding voice and delivers descriptive video files in record time at reduced costs. Click here to read the article.

Content Management & Delivery

Content Management & Delivery

You can count on us and our proprietary platform difuzego to deliver your content wherever you need it to go!

We deliver to hundreds of platforms around the world, including Amazon, iTunes, and Netflix.

We can also support the physical distribution of your content to retailers (DVD/BD compression & authoring) and movie exhibitors (DCPs).