Descriptive Video of your Content with a Neural Voice

Discover difuzevox : Our natural synthetic voice solution, adapted to both Canadian and International markets, will enable your audiovisual content to reach blind and visually impaired audiences in compliance with industry standards.

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Developed and based on artificial intelligence and computer learning (“Machine Learning”), and curated by our experts in sound and phonetics, difuzevox creates a natural-sounding synthetic voice for your market.

Our synthetic voice solution is a fully proprietary difuze product, and 100% hosted in the Cloud, allowing for the processing of large volumes at reduced costs.

· Reduced Costs
· Quicker delivery times 
· Exceptional Voice Quality

Available Languages:

French: Territories: Canada, France, Belgium

English: Territories: Canada, USA, UK, Australia

Spanish: Territories: Spain (Castilian), Latin America (LAS)

Portuguese: Territories:  Portugal, Brazil

German: Territories: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Discover the newest features of our latest version

Users can now change both the text and the voice speed for a specific line/section of a file, directly from within the application.

Automated Lexicon Updates
Users can now change all mispronounced utterances of the word within a file automatically. The change is also automatically updated in the lexicon for future projects.

Automated Mix

And more!

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