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difuze earns Amazon Prime Video’s Preferred Fulfillment Vendor certification

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difuze becomes the first Canadian-owned company to be selected as a partner for Amazon Prime Video’s Preferred Fulfillment Vendor program

Montréal, May 15, 2024 – difuze, Canada’s largest provider of finishing, localization, accessibility, and media services to the Canadian and international industry, is proud to announce that it has officially earned Amazon Prime Video’s Preferred Fulfillment Vendor certification.

With this achievement, difuze becomes the first Canadian-owned company to earn the certification, which offers a privileged Amazon Prime Video status to its members. To date, only 21 companies worldwide are part of this program which is designed to optimize content delivery for Amazon Prime Video partners while ensuring the best streaming experience for subscribers.

As a longtime partner to Amazon Prime Video, difuze has developed a great relationship with the company, particularly on the Canadian market. This certification therefore represents a significant milestone for difuze, as it highlights its ability to handle clients’ content with the highest quality and care. By ensuring a high level of reliability throughout the content delivery process, difuze has proven to be the ideal partner to support Canadian and international producers and distributors in their relationship with Amazon Prime Video.

More than ever, Canadian producers and distributors are turning to difuze to deliver their content to Amazon Prime Video. Our strong local presence in both Montréal and Toronto guarantees them a seamless experience in the language of their choice, while our cutting-edge technical expertise ensures smooth content delivery,” said Nicolas Savoie, Vice President Sales, and Business Development at difuze.

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