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difuze adds new functionalities to its cloud-based content management platform difuzego

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A difuzego update that provides even more control over content, thanks to an improved user experience

Montréal, November 23 2023 – difuze, Canada’s largest provider of finishing, localization, accessibility, and media services to the Canadian and international industry, is proud to announce the enhancement and addition of important functionalities to difuzego, its archive and content management platform, designed for local and international producers and distributors.

Launched in 2020, difuzego allows its users to optimize their time by finding, publishing, sharing, and delivering content from anywhere, at any time and in a completely secure environment. With more than 3 petabytes of content under management and thousands of deliveries every month, difuzego innovates with a brand-new ARCHIVE module and a completely redesigned DELIVER module. These enhancements provide a much-improved user experience, including real-time tracking of archive and delivery orders.

Ultimately, the DELIVER module, which allows content delivery, will offer all types of destinations, from the simplest to the most complex endpoints, live creation of new destinations, greater flexibility when placing orders and integration of selection aids based on the technical specifications required.

As for the new ARCHIVE module, it allows for content to be archived and stored directly within the platform. It also provides visibility into the assets received by difuze and issues a reception folder for each client account. Real-time tracking of archive requests and a host of other features to enhance the difuzego experience are now available too.

“Thanks to an interface that is further tailored to clients’ needs, the difuzego upgrades will provide users with more autonomy and control over their content than before’’ indicated Nicolas Savoie, Vice President, Sales and Business Development at difuze.

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