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difuze acts for the environment

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difuze is very pleased to officially announce its commitment to supporting environmental preservation.

Working in an industry based on digital technologies, difuze intends to do its part to promote “green” objectives for all its employees, clients, and collaborators.

The Green Committee (composed of several members from all departments), along with our company directors, are excited to present difuze’s new environmental policy.

Its objective is to officially present our company’s commitments in becoming more sustainable and environmentally sound – an important goal that is dear to us all.

difuze is particularly keen to develop employee awareness through information campaigns on eco-responsible behavior and to assess all its work processes and strategies for developing operations. Clear signage in all its establishments will allow everyone to participate in the gathering of recyclable materials and regular evaluations will allow for the adjustment of measures already in place to ensure that difuze is taking effective action and doing it’s part in promoting the environment.



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